Shipping Cost & Packing Instructions

Please download and fill out the below Work Order form and send it along with your writer or call our office to setup a work order (985-871-0200).

If you would like a free TopCat Steno Shipping Box to ship your writer, please call 985-871-0200. The Top Cat Steno Shipping Box saves on shipping cost, protects your writer and makes it convenient  to pack your writer for shipment.   If you do not have a Top Cat Steno Shipping Box, follow the packing instructions outlined at the bottom of this page.  Shipping of the box is $20, but the $20 will be credited to you when your writer is serviced by us.

For your convenience and to save on shipping cost we can email you a shipping label to ship under our shipping account.  We need to know the weight & dimensions of the box you are shipping your writer in.

With our UPS label you can drop your package off to a UPS Store, UPS Customer Center, Office Depot, Staples or give it to a UPS driver.

Call, 985-871-0200 to arrange to have a shipping label emailed to you.

Shipping Fees for Writer: (the below pricing outlines the cost of shipping a writer in one direction, assuming writer is shipped in a box measuring 15" x 15" x 10" or less and does not exceed 14 pounds).

AL, AR, LA, MS, OK & GA   
 $120  Over Night Service
 $75  2-Day Service
 $28  Ground Service

FL, KS, KY, MO, NC, SC, TN, TX & VA  
 $160  Over Night Service
 $85  2-Day Service
 $35  Ground Service

All Other US States
 $185.00   Over Night Service
 $95.00   2-Day Service
 $38.00   Ground Service

Add $40.00 for Saturday Delivery (only available with Next Day Air delivery)

Next Day-AM Delivery is before 10:30 AM in most locations.
Weekends and Holidays are not consider as shipping days.

Instructions for boxing writer for shipment:

1.    Remove disk from disk drive.

2.    Tape business card or a sticky note with your first and last name to the top of writer  to identify it, do not tape directly to the display.

3.    Place writer in a plastic bag to keep packing material form migrating into the inside of writer.

4.    Locate a box  large enough to house your writer and also gives you 2 to 3 inches of space on top, bottom and sides of writer to place packing material.

5.  Line bottom of box with crumpled up balls of newspaper, foam rubber, Styrofoam peanuts or bubble wrap.  Place writer on top of packing material, line all four sides and top of writer with packing material.  It is important to pack it tight (you do not want the writer moving around inside of box during shipping).

6.  Tape top of box with a strong packing tape.

7.  Your writer is now ready to ship.  Contact us if you need a shipping label. 985-871-0200

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